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Winback Tecartherapy

My practice is now equipped with Winback Tecartherapy for better results for my patients, faster recovery times and less pain. To learn more read below or visit: &

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Winback Tecartherapy is an innovative treatment that can significantly benefit your horses recovery and rehabilitation.

  1. What Is Winback Tecartherapy?

    • Tecartherapy stands for “Transfer of Energy Capacitive and Resistive.” It’s a non-invasive technique that uses electromagnetic waves to promote healing and pain relief.

    • Capacitive Mode: This mode targets superficial tissues (skin, muscles, tendons) by stimulating cellular activity and improving blood flow.

    • Resistive Mode: This mode penetrates deeper tissues (joints, ligaments) to enhance healing and reduce inflammation.

  2. How Does It Work?

    • Our Winback Tecartherapy device delivers a high frequency current to the affected area. This is delivered in combination with manual therapy with electrodes that I hold in the palms of my hands.

    • The energy stimulates cellular metabolism, promoting tissue repair and reducing pain.

    • It’s like a gentle massage at the cellular level!

  3. Benefits for Your Horse:

    • Pain Relief: Whether your horse has an injury or a chronic condition, Tecartherapy provides immediate relief.

    • Faster Recovery: It accelerates tissue healing, making recovery quicker.

    • Improved Performance: You even can use Winback Tecartherapy for pre-competition preparation or post-event recovery!

  4. When to Use Tecartherapy:

    • Injuries: Sprains, strains, or muscle soreness.

    • Arthritis: Helps manage joint pain.

    • Rehabilitation: After surgery or injury.

    • Performance Enhancement: Keep your horse in top shape.

Winback Tecartherapy isn’t just for horses; it’s also highly effective for our canine companions! Injuries, chronic pain, rehabilitation and recovery are all great ways to use tecartherapy in your dog.

Don't just take my word for it! Here are the words of some experts who have experienced the remarkable benefits of Winback Tecartherapy:

  1. Dr. Jean Servantie (Veterinarian, Osteopath, Acupuncturist):

    • “Hi-TENS by R-Shock, developed with Winback, is amazing. Pain management makes horses attentive and cuddly. Hi-TENS is the natural alternative to infiltrations.”

  2. Elodie Chenet (Physio of the French show jumping team):

    • “I integrate Winback technologies in all my preparation and recovery sessions. The results are outstanding!”

Remember, Winback Tecartherapy is a gentle, effective way to support your horse’s or dog's recovery and well-being!

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