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Therapies at Lostford

There's not much we don't do!

We have a wide range of effective therapies and treatment devices in one place. Everything that Clare has found to achieve results we want to make available to you and your horse during your stay. We all know that one solution doesn't necessarily fit all, so having all our equipment to hand means we can always try a different approach.

Clare was one of the first Thermal Imaging specialists in the country and has therefore very experienced in interpreting the technology. This has become very useful information to assist your vet during their assessment process and also monitoring recovery.

  • Thermography

  • McTimoney

  • Sports Massage

  • Cyclossage

  • Laser Therapy

  • Arc Equine

  • Gallops

  • Post and Rail Paddocks

  • Horse Walker

  • Straight Swim Strip (appointment only)

horse walker at lostford equine rehab.JPG

Residential Stays, Spa Days & Holiday Cover.

You can book in to come and visit us at Lostford for a day or a weekend or you can send your horse for a holiday or a rehab stay.

You will receive a very warm welcome and we make sure everyone has a lovely time! Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

Yard visits are obviously still available with Clare depending on diary space.

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