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Updated: Jun 1, 2021

TheraPlate explained...

The TheraPlate is a totally unique therapy platform which uses advanced, patented technology called Vortex Wave Circulation Therapy.

How is it different?

What sets the Theraplate aside from other therapy platforms is its patented Vortex Wave Therapy technology which causes the motors to move in a circular motion.

The Theraplate is made in the USA and is the product of over 30 years research and development. With a range of units, the Theraplate can be enjoyed by everyone. The frame is made out of aircraft aluminium and is capable of holding 2,500lbs making it strong and durable however easy to transport as each half section of the K21 large horse unit weighs just 80lbs. Being easily mobile, the Theraplate is ideal to take to shows or events.

The Theraplate is used daily by professional athletes all around the globe and supported by veterinarians, chiropractors, physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists alike. It can be used by humans, horses and other animals, all benefiting from the same patented Vortex Wave Circulation Therapy.

You can try Theraplate for yourself when you visit Lostford!

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