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Authorised Veterinary Centre Indiba Animal Health

The INDIBA Animal Health VET905 device is a tool for the rehabilitation treatment of horses, either in acute or chronic cases, before or after surgery. The use of VET905 is also indicated for the improvement of the athletic performance of the athlete horse, thanks to the fact that its effects also produce benefits for healthy tissue.

The benefits are given by the unique effects of INDIBA technology:

  • Provides an analgesic effect

  • Increases the volume and intensity of blood flow

  • Improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients

  • Increases tissue temperature

  • Increases cellular metabolism

  • Controls inflammation

  • Normalizes and optimizes cellular activity

  • Get an ionic balance

  • Cell biostimulation

  • Allows treatment in areas traditionally not suitable for electrotherapy

  • Accelerates healing by treating around surgical wounds

  • Allows passive exercise during treatment

  • Treatment compatible with metal implants

Specifically in veterinary medicine, our studies have been carried out in horses and pets with extraordinary results on the recovery of injuries and the management of pain.


The therapeutic application of radiofrequency bases its effects on a thermal increase in the treated tissues (diathermy). In addition, INDIBA technology generates unique and scientifically proven electrical effects for the 448 kHz frequency on the cell structure, promoting an acceleration in tissue repair mechanisms.

INDIBA technology allows the treatment of the lesion through biostimulation generated by the electrical effect or through biostimulation and the generation of tissue heat together.

Main aspects of technology:

  • Thermal and sub-thermal effect

  • Unlimited depth thanks to its use in closed circuit

  • Unlimited frequency of use in large body areas

  • Combination with other therapies and rehabilitation techniques Visit our Scientific Literature section to see all available clinical reports.

You can read more about Indiba here.

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