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Equine and Canine Merishia Massage - Relieves Muscle Tightness and Spasms

Updated: May 15, 2021

Merishia massage is a hands on technique that combines massage with myofacial release and stretching and helps to relieve tension and ease muscles in horses.

Merishia Equine Massage

If a horse is experiencing stiffness or muscle soreness, this can often manifest itself as bad behaviour, which is unfortunately often punished. Typical examples are stiffness on one rein, bucking, nipping during saddling, favouring a particular lead in canter or after a jump, reluctance to jump, or just general reluctance to work.

Benefiting horses of all ages, a Merishia massage can help to ease muscle tightness or spasm and enable the horse to move more freely. Unlike a person who will still often continue to overcompensate after treatment, once the source of the discomfort is removed an animal will resume it's natural movement and any behavioural symptoms should resolve.

Relaxing after Merishia Massage therapy

Merishia massage is suitable for animals of all activities, from the competition horse that needs to keep its muscles in peak, toned condition to a nervous horse that is unused to being handled or to an older horse that would just benefit from feeling more relaxed and comfortable in its movement.

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